January 3rd 2017

The start of 2017 wasn’t good at all. Things happened. Family got hurt and some ran away. Crying and crying is all I could do. It’s my fault I know for a fact. Beware of what you say to me for any moment I could break down. It’s personal of what happened so please don’t ask! Just remember think before you speak. Words hurt more than actions for me.

Starving couldn’t be any easier. I’ve gained five pounds because I was forced to eat. But I can work it off if I put my head to it! Anywyas that’s all I have for tonight. 



December 31st 2016

It’s a new start for me. A leap of faith that I’m willing to take. Losing weight has always been a dream of mine. I have decided starting tomorrow I’m going to starve. Starving is my way and I’m not encouraging anyone to starve. It’s just my way of losing weight. 
I had meant to start today, but tomorrow is January 1st so I may as well start in a new year. Goodbye 2016 fat me, hello 2017 thin me! I hope everyone knows I’m always available to talk. This will be like a journal type page I guess. 
Stay strong everyone!